A little history.

"Achdut" synagogue in Herzliya was founded in 1933, in Anshel Dreyfus' apartment. Then the synagogue moved to Mr. Martin's House and next to the shed at Ben Gurion Street, opposite The Great Synagogue. In the beginning the shed served as a carpentry shop during weekdays and only on Saturdays and Holidays has been converted into a synagogue.

"Achdut" synagogue was founded by Zionist Jews who immigrated to Israel before the Holocast in Europe, as a place of worship of immigrants from Germany and Western Europe in order to preserve the heritage of Ashkenazi Jews.

The prayer is Ashkenazi style and was based on Customs and melodies that were popular in Frankfurt, Germany before the Nazis came to power. In the 1930s and early 1940s, when a Herzeliya's population was only several thousands, the immigrants from Germany was one of it's significant parts.

On Days Of Awe "Sharon" Cinema was rented. The synagogue was inspired by the "Return To Zion" community in Tel Aviv, and one of it's rabbis, rabbi Issachar Yakovzon was coming on Saturdays and holidays to Herzeliya.

From the early 1940s to the early 1990s the community was led by a handful of dedicated activists and their wives:

-Menachem Unna and his wife Ruth, Menachem was reader of the Torah and prayer leader in the community for 50 years  on a voluntary basis.

-Yehuda Dorftson and his wife Tova,Yehuda has been for many years Chairman of the Board and the spirit of the  community.

-Dr. Samuel Dreyfuss and his wife Ruth - The "Minian" was founded in his father's home. Dr. Dreyfuss, the Mythological veterinarian of the Herzeliya area, Was giving Torah and "Parashat Shavua" lessons and was committee member for decades.

-Abraham (Albert) Straus -  His "Kidush" in the ynagogue on Saturday nights gatherd dozens of community children around him. He was Committee member For decades.

In תשמ"ג, 1983, the synagogue moved to its permanent home on the Kuzary street.

The synagogue today

Rabbi David Horden, Rabbi of the southern part of the city, belonging to the "Tzohar Rabbis" Prays in the synagogue. The synagogue holds 2 services on weekdays (Morning and Evening) and daily lessons including "Daf Yomi" lesson.

The community welcomes guests and new members (in accordance with the terms of admission of members).The Synagogue welcomes celebrations, grooms, Bar Mitzvahs and more. The community is financed from membership fees and donations from members, guests, and celebrations
Cuzari St. Herzeliya    (Rgistersd Association 580041937)