Dear Friends-Donators!

are very pleased to thank you for your donation to Beit Knesset “ACHDUT”.
We are registered as Association (Non-Profit organization) number 580041937 and have received approval
that donations are recognized for tax credit purposes.

Donations may be made by;
- Bank transfer to account number 56970330 at Bank 10, Branch 948.  (“LEUMI” bank, Sokolov Branch, Herzliya).
-  Check (marked payee only) to order of “Beit Knesset ACHDUT Herzliya, sent to P.O.Box 3052, Herzliya Bet,   4613001.

May it be the Almighty's will that you will continue to be blessed and counted among the dear friends and contributors
for the communal needs of our congregation.

May the Lord's grace shine upon you and your family and grant you only good tidings, good health and happiness.
Cuzari St. Herzeliya    (Rgistersd Association 580041937)